UPSC Prelims 2021 is on 10th October 2021. The Answer key for the Prelims examination is the most in demand thing for the IAS aspirants which puts a lot of impact on their UPSC Mains exam preparation. EDEN IAS provides the most authentic key and cutoff prediction on the basic of trend analysis of previous year’s cutoff.

Here you can find the Answer Key UPSC 2021 for the Prelims General Studies & CSAT papers. The key is provided for all the sets – A, B, C and D.




What do the Mentors say...?

In a one-to-one session with the Civil Services Examination expert Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary, he said that it is always good to take an early start for the Mains exam preparation after the Prelims examination. It has been seen that most of the aspirants waste their first week after the prelims examination by matching their prelims answers with various answer keys provided by many coaching institutions. The aspirants roughly get 3 months after the Prelims examination for the UPSC Mains preparation, which they should utilize very properly.

The aspirants should set their priorities as per their strong and weak areas of the preparation. The Main focus should be on the Mains specific subjects like – Ethics (GS 4), Essay, Economic Development, Agriculture, Internal Security, Disaster Management, International Relations, Social Justice, Governance, World History, Post-Independence India, Indian Society. These subjects are Mains specific subject and you have just given your Prelims exam, so have a recent coverage of subjects like – Geography, Ancient, Medieval, Modern History, Art & Culture, Indian Polity, Environment & Ecology, Science & Tech.

During these 3 Months you need to focus …

  • Enhancement of answer writing skills.
  • Optional subject revision and answer writing practice.
  • Enrichment of marks scoring areas like Ethics & Essay writing.
  • Coverage of some least cared areas like – Post Independence History, Social Justice, Society, Internal Security, Disaster Management etc…

Also, the mentors suggest to those aspirants who do not crack the Prelims Exam, they should not get disheartened rather they should evaluate their mistakes and move on with a positive attitude and also, they should start focusing on their Mains Portion. This is a time to enrich the mains exam portion because if they again start with the Prelims syllabus, it will take them away from the Mains exam syllabus.

EDEN IAS Mains Preparation Courses –

  • Ethics Foundation Course – This course is the highest rated course for Ethics by the IAS aspirants. We are providing a one – stop solution for Ethics Integrity & Aptitude for IAS Mains Examination. Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir is the best teacher known for the GS 4.  He is known for his teaching technique, covering every single bit of the syllabus in Ethics, For the class notes and study material provided for ethics. The aspirants can relay on this course even if they know nothing about the course.
  • Ethics Test SeriesThis is a short-term test series designed very efficiently with quality questions, model answers and one to one discussion with the faculty. You can buy the study material with this course.
  • Ethics Case Studies classes – This is a 10-day class course in which you can learn 100 case studies with Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir.
  • Current Affairs Editorial Classes – This is a current affair editorial classes for UPSC Mains 2021.
  • STEPS – This is one of the most famous daily mains answer writing course offered by EDEN IAS.
  • Essay Writing course – This course has guiding classes for essay writing with a range of essay writing practice sets along with the evaluation and feedback mechanism.
  • GS Mock Test Series – This is the best test series for GS Mains 2021.
  • Mission Mains – This is a crash course with classes and test series for Mains 2021.

Aspirants can also join – Year long Prelims and Mains Test series with EDEN IAS for the attempt of UPSC 2022. We will be soon uploading the expected cutoff for the Prelims 2022. Subscribe to our YouTube channel EDEN IAS Classes for updates.  

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