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Starts from 25th Oct


EDEN IAS MISSION MAINS 2020 is an advanced learning course, designed to cover the mains portion of the Civil Services Examination. The course looks forward to cover the most important & probable topics – on the basic of contemporary analysis of topics and keeping the trend of UPSC in mind.

The course is designed as per the given time frame between the Prelims 2020 & Mains 2020, to avoid redundancy in preparation and to cover the syllabus efficiently on time which includes the features like…

  • Classes covering syllabus (GS I, II, III) through contemporary relevant topics.
  • Classes for GS IV – (Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude) – From basic to advance.
  • Tests, writing sessions, study material etc.…




  • Classes on GS I, II, III – Through 100+ Contemporary Issues (approx. 2 yrs.)

 (8 Classes)

  • Classes on Ethics theoretical part (17 Classes)
  • Case Studies (100+) (8 Classes)
  • Essay writing classes. (2 Classes)
  • Complete Mains Static & Current syllabus coverage through daily mains answer writing & evaluation. (3 Months – 250+ Mains question practice)
  • GS Mock Test series (4 Mock Tests)
  • Daily class-based assignments.
  • Supplementary study material.
  • Special enrichment booklet on Ethics Theory and Ethical Thinkers & Thoughts.



Q. How this course is beneficial for an aspirant going to attempt Mains 2020?

Answer- This course is a one stop solution for Mains 2020, and the best part of the course is – It is a Time saver, non-redundant course which covers the whole syllabus through its different segment and well managed at the same time.

The aspirant can resolve his/her issues like ….

  • Interlinking current with static topic – which helps in best presentation of your answer and also to balance the current and static ratio in your UPSC Mains exam.
  • Work on most scoring areas – This course has a special segment for Ethics & case studies and essay writing where an aspirant can score the most and are responsible for selection in UPSC 2020 examination.
  • Answer writing skill development – Through daily answer writing the aspirant can work on their skills related to answer writing and at the same time they are covering the complete mains static syllabus through writing.
  • Giving finishing touch – The Mock Tests at the end are there to five the preparation a final touch.


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